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Hello dear you, I’m happy you have landed on this page, it reveals you are curious enough about people to want to know them better.

Let me present myself, first! I’m Morgan and I’m Belgian, from Brussels.

I’m a programming geek and proud dad, also owner of Zoemp with my partner.

I’ve plenty of imagination, an infinite appetite for knowledge, information sharing and I enjoy several passions; see below.

I have interests for board games, reading, writing, drawing, art, music, blogging, cooking, podcasts, meetups, learning, parenting, gastronomy, beer & specialty coffee, retro art, chess game, role-playing, climbing, walking, nature, humans, self-development, psychology, philosophy, programming/hacking, game development, teaching, entrepreneurship/freelancing, urban mobility, healthy food, minimalism, deep work, data privacy (I’m currently trying to leave the GAFAM…), …

I created this blog as I wanted to share my thoughts on different topics without being limited to the ones above. This is not my first blog, and I’ve struggled a lot with perfectionism and analysis paralysis before starting this one, especially as I was tempted to reinvent the wheel and create my own tools for blogging. Fortunately, I was convinced by a few former colleagues at Collibra and other folks to just take action and keep things simple, so here I am.

In 2022, I’ve shifted from employment to freelancing in 2022. At this time I’m no longer looking for new opportunities. You can learn more about my career via my CV (pdf) (and LinkedIn) and if you are a recruiter, you should first read about what I look for and optionally read my rant on What bugs me with tech recruiters.

Follow me on Mastodon @MorganGeek@mamot.fr (and Twitter @MorganGeek*)

* I’ve deactivated my Facebook, SensCritique, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts, end of 2021, in order to get time and peace of mind back.

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