To recruiters

This content was originally intended for recruiters in my LinkedIn profile – About section.

Positive influencer, I’m someone with lot of curiosity and passion, a hacker/troubleshooter, a supporter of continuous improvement and cross-team collaboration. As an automation advocate and curious about many subjects, I tend to use my skills and curiosity for improving various activities. I’m always glad to bring help in any area as well, as I keep the big picture in mind.
I automate all my recurrent tasks, and love to help people and share knowledge.
I like to learn and discover new ways of solving problems. I take most of my inspiration from existing solutions and best practices (YAGNI, DRY, KISS, SRP, …).

If something has to be done, I’ll try to do it right, with this in mind I advocate slow programming movement, which has nothing to do with speed but rather is about quality and long term thinking 🙂 . I’m picky and I like order, structure, and pay attention to details in everything. Because maintenance is most of the work we do and we need to optimize for this activity.

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To recruiters

  • I’ve just started a new position in April 2022 so I’m no looking for opportunities at this time.
  • I’m open to freelance jobs, on-site or hybrid, maximum 30-45 min by public transportation from Anderlecht or Brussels Center… I don’t want 100% remote jobs.
  • I aim for a long term engagement and a dynamic team.
  • I enjoy programming. A job with at least 50% product/app development (back & front) would be awesome, and being involved with business, customers, etc (testing, CI/CD, AI, …)
  • I’m technology agnostic and eager to adapt, but I’ve strong appetite for modern stack and for Go, Rust, Elixir, Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, Kotlin, functional programming, machine learning, React/Vue/Vite,…and open source.
  • I want freedom, autonomy and latitude in how I solve problems and impact what technology we use.
  • My resume (pdf) is here ! I lack time to discuss all possible opportunities so please book something in my agenda to ease the process.
  • I love to solve problems, aim for simplicity, quality, meaning in my tasks and in solutions design. Let’s use tools that make sense; Kubernetes is not the silver bullet ;-p
  • As a parent, I aim for work-life balance and to be available for family.
  • I have a preference for companies whose mission/product help making a meaningful impact, matches some of my interests/hobbies, i.e AI / Machine learning, Leisure, Game Development, Genetics / Health, Beer/Coffee, Gastronomy, Education, Ecology, Robotics, Quality, Craft, Creativity, Children, Communities of passions.
  • I only respond to personalised invitations 🙂

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